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Looking For The Light

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Supporting a great cause doesn’t require a large donation, any amount stacks up and when the goal is reached and you feel satisfaction. I live in Plano, Texas where a number of school are underserved and underfunded. When I receive an email about a departments needing help, I at projects with matching funds, ask myself if this the project hits my heart? The amount donated isn’t the point, you donate to Teachers and Children who are our future. The children are already several steps behind other students, If I can make any difference in a Childs life, it’s a privilege.

Teachers listen up, this is a nationwide project and changes are one of your fellow teachers has submitted a project or the school isn’t aware of resource. 

“Listen to Reading”

My students need personal CD players so that they can hear what fluent reading sounds like and so that they can…

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  1. This is so awesome! Any investment in children is so worthy❤️ IPads in the classroom are amazing, as there are so many great educational apps that support learning (and kids are so engaged). You are an angel😇

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