Battle Symphony

Chester Bennington
I had listened to Linkin Park over the years, and had just recently rekindled a fondness for their work when Brother (my 11 year old), became a big fan.  Their newest album is filled with passion and soul like none other.

This is the album cover….

I have fallen in love with the song “Battle Symphony”.  Facing life’s battles is the toughest part of living. Some battles come on quietly, in the form of defeating thoughts, while others may take on a more physical form.  Whatever your battle, open your eyes…..find a support team…an Army of Angels….and listen for your Battle Symphony!  You are not alone,




  1. People who are in the spotlight have a heavy weight to carry, it must be difficult to trust anyone for help. Many have and others haven’t. At the root depression and suicidal thoughts are the same, it changes because everyone is different. I’ve been blessed with a Psychiatrist and Therapist who I’ve worked with for 20 years. I will move to another Psychiatrist in next next two years as mine is retiring. It’s scary as hell, after 20 years I would die for the man who has kept me alive for those 20 years and taught me more than another doctor ever could.
    I’m going to try ambient noise, love music but my husbands CPAP machine is killing me. Music with words don’t work, jack me up. I’ll keep you posted.
    If life were so simple…….we would be the same.

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    • Reaching out for help…knowing where to go for help…Even then, darkness can be overwhelming. My heart goes out to anyone who finds himself in that darkness…sometimes it’s hard to find even a flicker of light.

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      • The Survivor in you reaches out, even when going thru the worst circumstances. September will start mark our Third Anniversary!!!!!!!!! I knew the night all three of us stayed up late was the right decision. I had no way to imagine the satisfaction from comments and regular followers. It’s humbling.

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        • I thought a post from all three of us would kick off the next challenge nicely. We probably need to start now, you and D are so busy. My memory is so frustrating and I can’t help beating myself up for the wrong words, spelling, gibberish…….I’m taken a Chaplain course. It’s great, it’s 16 weeks and discusses how to deal with trauma and every possible situation from an emotional position. I can pray with most anybody but had not thought about the trauma of death, turning the plug, last rights…..
          I feel strongly some of the lessons can help support followers. One book, The Complete Guide To Crisis & Trauma Counseling. What to do and say when it Matters Most, by Dr. H. Norman Wright. Amazon had the updated and expanded version. Sounds very helpful, we haven’t reached the point of reading.
          Hope all is well. 🙂

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