My Personal Addiction Story

David’s post and podcast share his story of addiction to legal prescriptions. It’s something I’ve faced for years and no doubt many of you will relate to his post. M

Addictions Podcast

In December of 2006 I was doing some shopping with a few friends for an upcoming New Years Eve party. It was on my way home that evening that I was the victim of a terrible traffic accident that resulted in breaking my left femur.

It was cold outside, but the weather was not bad, for December. I remember clearly that there was no snow on the ground yet. I was headed East at around 55 miles an hour when another driver heading the opposite direction lost control and crossed the center line. Before I could even think about reacting I slammed into the other vehicle.. I was wearing my seatbelt but my vehicle hit the other car with such an impact that I was thrown into the steering wheel of my car, breaking my left femur about six inches above the knee. (Photo Below)

Broken Femur X-Ray My broken left femur.


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