I have long appreciated and loved hearing the many different dialects in various regions of the United States throughout history.  I learned the hard way, that not everyone shares my love of language.  Some people are triggered by certain, distinct dialects.  There may be reminders of historical times of oppression and abuse…with emotional triggers being passed down through generations.  

Where I live, there are many who exhibit a strong, Southern dialect.  When I first moved here, it was like being immersed in another culture and language.  I didn’t understand the meanings of some of the phrases.  

If you were ever treated poorly by a person with a specific dialect, you may have developed an emotional connection.  If you have had a joyous experience with a person with a specific dialect, you may also have an emotional connection.

Getting past that emotional connection helps us to move forward.  Recognizing the unique gifts and talents of others must sometimes break through  barriers of language and dialect.

Do you have an emotional connection to a particular language or dialect? I would love to know about it!




Go ahead! You know you want to say it :-)

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