Genetic Study finds Efficacy of Popular Antidepressants

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Looking For The Light

Another Genetic Study from 23 & Me, gives me hope and makes by blood boil. One technology will allow people who suffer with mental illness, have a better life. New drugs, clinical trials, preclinical trials, cover you ass just in case issues. I believe there are drugs being tested now who will make a difference for future generations.

I don’t foresee a cure, but anything is possible after I’m long gone. If we have the Genetic information to determine if an antidepressant will work, where is it! I spent my 20 & 30’s suffering, wanting ti die many times. Taking over 40 medications, having ECT 20 times, implanted with a Vagus Nerve Stimulator to get any relieve from the black dog.

Maybe it’s not cost effect to roll out or on the scale needed for the general public. Logically I know every generation moves the bar closer for the next generation. I…

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