What is a MS Exacerbation?


open your eyesI hope y’all had a good Monday! I just want to take a moment to explain what it means when a MS patient says they are having an exacerbation, also known as a flare up. An exacerbation is caused by inflammation in the central nervous system. This inflammation can cause damages to the myelin, which slows or disrupts the transmission of nerve impulses.

Over my 16 years of dealing with MS, I have had a several flare ups that have lasted anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Some of these have definitely been worse than others, whereas some have been very mild. My experiences with symptoms have been: loss of vision in one eye, numbness and or tingling in my legs, feet and or hands, horrible pains throughout my body, dizziness and stumbling at times when I try to walk. Yes, all these issues can be frustrating and…

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