Updates, you do not want!


bad newsGood afternoon y’all! I hope you are having a good day. I did not do any posts yesterday because I was processing the update I did finally get from my Neurologist. Although I did not expect good news, I do not think I was prepared for what I heard. 

Thankfully, my husband did come to my appointment with the Neurologist yesterday.  The doctor went over my MRI results, from Saturday’s MRI. There was not any good news during this appointment. The doctor explained, that there is a tremendous amount of new and active activity on my brain and a large lesion on my spinal cord. She actually told us, that my MRI was one of the worse she has ever seen. Talk about making a patient feel better in any way, this was not a good way to do it! She then carried on about how the Tecfidera, that I…

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6 thoughts on “Updates, you do not want!

    1. I mean seriously, that would have been better. They could have said there is a lot of new activity, she did not have to say it is the worst MRI she has seen!!!! That was just mean!


          1. I have not met a neurologist YET that I like. Fortunately my family physician is monitoring and treating my seizures AND my neuromuscular disease because the neurologists around here have done nothing to help me in the 12 years since my diagnosis.
            I am so sorry that you have been treated this way


            1. Thank you! I do NOT like my new neurologist at all! The 2 I had before were older and wiser men, and then they retired. It broke my heart when they retired because they were really caring and just amazing! It seems like the older generation is so much better and the new ones are just ignorant and think they are so brilliant! I hope you find one that you like and is good to you. I am glad that you family physician is taking care of you though! Stay strong and make sure you are comfortable with the neurologist. They do have odd personalities! I wish you well and comfort my dear! Please let me know if I can do anything. I do not remember if I told you are more than welcome to email me personally if you want to! I am pretty good at responding to comments and emails!


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