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3-Years-02When I started training one of the hardest tasks was the initial Visual Assessment. It was simple, take photographs of myself front, back, left and right. Dutifully I did it early one morning, cropped my head off and sent it off.

That was 3 years ago today. Sure I see a lot of difference in my body. But it is what I feel that is more important.

I no longer hate my body. Infact I’ve come to like it. I don’t think that freedom is as tied into results as it may seem.

I always yearned to step into the weight room. The struggle isn’t only with the plates. I’ve dumped a lot of baggage and grown. I’ve developed a greater connection to my body, identity and goals. I will be forever grateful to my friend who encouraged me to train with Nick Deacon.

We’ve laid a good foundation and I know I am ready to pack some muscle on.

5 thoughts on “just a post – Progress

    1. Thank you Nan.

      I know superficially I am investing energy in my outer self. But what I value most is personal growth.

      In high school there was a weight room. I wouldn’t even allow myself to glance in because I may be caught. I couldn’t explain my interest without revealing my dream and admiration. Doing so would have stepped on the feet of real boys.

      Everyday when I step into that gym is a victory. There was a time not long ago when I couldn’t stand seeing my reflection. The simple act of checking my form in the mirror is freedom from my past.

      I am doing what I have always wanted to. Stepping onto my path, into my life brings me joy. The process is everything, results are just a by product.

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