Celebrating Surviving & Thriving

Tonight I am going to my 40th high school reunion. I am taking two intents: Celebrate and Curiosity.

On the surface we’ll be celebrating the length of our lives. I will also be celebrating survival. Survival is so much more than getting through the abusive acts. Survival to me is carving out a life with the ramifications deep inside of you.

I am going tonight to see people I never got to know. Some from my kindergarten class maybe there tonight. They may even have seen my assault. As we got older our class merged with others and grew. The first day of high school was only a few weeks after I was molested. I walked into that strange school a shadow hiding in darkness. I could rarely bring myself to be seen, let alone make friends. At the end of the year I was raped. It catapulted my alienation to a new level. Tonight I hope to get to know some and hear their stories.

The trauma of my abuse doesn’t control me anymore. I can breathe and be. Tonight I am taking the man I know I am, curious, friendly and kind out to meet his classmates. My classmates.

One thought on “Celebrating Surviving & Thriving

  1. I am so glad the the trauma from the abuse you went through does not control you anymore. I know how hard it is to move past things after being abused. Anyone that can molest or rape anyone does not deserve the satisfaction of inflicting anymore hurt to our lives and satisfaction might not be the best way to explain it. I know that after the years I was molested as a child it changed my ability to trust anyone including friends. But I can honestly say what I went through as child created a very strong person that never allowed to fall victim to anyone else once I became an adult. I was never that girl that would wear short dresses or shorts because I never wanted anyone to ever look twice at me. Since being a child, I always wanted to make sure I dressed overly conservative for my own peace of mind. Stay strong and be proud of who you have become despite all the trauma you had to endure!


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