just a post – seen

Today I was reviewing what I have written over the past year. I wanted to direct a friend to a post that will clearly tell my story. But the posts seem to be just snippets of who I am. What do I point him to? My first post Belong, is a good slice in time, but confusing. I got so much clearer a year later with Shift | Shine. But it leaves out so much to stay tight. Prism Merge explains exactly where I was when I entered high school, but it requires Age 14, Take 2 to explain it. My Rape is poorly written, but ‘74 Fold goes on for 6 posts!

Can I run through all of these ramblings and tag them into a cohesive thing? Or do I let them just be what and when they are? What do I want? In Home I describe how validating it is to be understood. I suspect that is all I want, to be seen for who I am.

Let us know what you thinking.

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