Timeline- Dad’s Gift

My father was amazing with money. He saved and squirred and then spent with a purpose. I on the other hand will over spend at the whiff of incoming. Supplies for an artist is a bottomless pit that is never satisfied. Before he died, he gave me a $50 bill. I’ve held onto it. There have been so many times I could have used it, but they were just general expenses. It’s been sitting in my drawer for this just this moment.

I don’t think my father would have been comfortable with the culture of body building. He was modest and humble. I can’t imagine him every looking at another man’s body, let alone openly appreciating it. But he was an artist and had an eye for beauty. I know he would have seen. He was also a star athlete in high school and would have respect for training.

I set up my timeline to be ready to compete by the spring of 2019. Besides training, there are many other details to take care of. To keep my head in the game and the goal real, I need to tackle the hardest first. Posing. Today I signed up for my first lesson. It costs exactly fifty dollars.

Thank you Dad. I will make you proud.

2 thoughts on “Timeline- Dad’s Gift

  1. Brin
    I have no doubt your dad is happy for who you are. He would tell you how proud he was you, how patient you are to get to the top stage. He would appreciate your sportsmanship. I have no doubt we would be proud of the profession you choose.

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