The Short End Of The Stick

Thanks Harlon for sharing your story. M

A Patient Voice

I guess you could say an I am in a pickle.

As a person with multiple chronic and episodic disabilities, I am not an easy friend to have.

However, I try.

For the last two years, my health has been erratic, often failing surprising for no apparent reason.

Is it because I am HIV+ and my immunity system, after 30 years fails me, or am I just one of those people that gets ill often?

The thing is I don’t want this to come at jeopardizing my friendships.

And I get it, I make plans and then I have to cancel, but my intentions are good. I am quite transparent that I may suddenly get ill, and I appreciate that is a challenge when you’ve made plans three weeks in advance to so something.

However, I feel I have been forthright.  I have said to my friends can we make…

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