Wonder Years

survivor road

Our early teens were wondrous years
Exploration, education, and fun
Whether on horseback in the forest thick
Or fishing near Old Cavern’s Run

And though it hurt when others picked their fights
At least there was us two
Together it seemed to ease the pain
That the guys would put us through

I remember still the times we shAred
In laughter or quiet dreams
It seemed when we were side by side
Our souls where whole and free

Then something changed, as they often do
And you felt a need to belong
To the “in crowd”, the “popular”, those in power
You said it would make you strong

And as you changed personality
Degrading and crawling to their delight
I watched as you drifted further away
Until you were beyond my sight

And when you emerged on the other side
I could not recognize your face
You seemed a different…

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