Push through the pain!


it-takes-a-strong-heart-to-push-past-the-pain-and-go-dancing-in-the-rainPushing through my daily pain becomes more of a habit that I have learned to perfect over the years! No matter how high my pain levels are, I do my best to never give up and never allow anyone to see the weakness that comes along with the intense pain. I feel as if anyone sees how pain affects me, their views of me would change drastically and I would prefer to just be viewed as who I am beyond the pain I experience. Who needs pity from others, especially when they just do not understand the real difficulties involved? Those that are closest to me and really know me can always see in my face how I truly feel; there is no hiding how I am feeling from them. Even though those closest to me know about the pain I feel, I still try to push myself further so…

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