“You Don’t Look Sick”

An invisible illness is not only difficult to deal with physically but it’s also mentally. An invisible illness is defined as not immediately visible. When you’re hurting and miserable the last thing you want to hear is “well, at least you look great, you don’t look sick”. Here is everything you need to know as…

via “You don’t look sick” — Life with an Illness

18 thoughts on ““You Don’t Look Sick”

  1. My brother came over Sat. we haven’t seen each other in several years, he looked at me like I’m not sick. I had shared along the my battle with Lyme, now I deal with the left over diseases that are not visible. You hit a cord.

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  2. I have never read anything that I relate to more. This is amazingly written!
    I have a blue badge and feel so awkward using it because I always get funny looks, hopefully the word of invisibile illnesses will soon spread x

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