Noble Truth

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A Patient Voice

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Lately, I’ve found myself saying “I should do…”

I think there’s a trap in this, it sets off an alarm in my mind.

If I should be doing something, then I can just do it.

Ultimately, I can do anything.

Or do I sometimes

feel because of peer or societal pressure that this is

what I should be doing

because that is what other people are doing

because I don’t feel successful.

I am pretty sure this is a trap,

and that I am setting myself up for disappointment and failure.

There is no “should be”,

there is instead “I will be” or “I am doing what I want”.

Or I should just be doing nothing.

A friend of mine the other day said something brilliant:

“expectations are the death of happiness.”

That lingered on my mind, as it may on yours

and that lead me to something equally profound.

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