Caring for Aging Parents

Army of Angels: Part 2

My parents and I decided to live a multi-generational lifestyle. It was a win-win situation, as I had become a working single parent, and they were needing increasingly more assistance with everyday tasks.

Both of my parents are 75, which is young in the geriatric world. However, my dad lives with congestive heart failure, which is now in its final stages, slowly shutting down other internal body functions. His weight and fluid retention is closely monitored, and a gain of three pounds means a stay at the hospital to drain the extra fluid away from his heart and lungs.

Thankfully, my mom still drives, and is able to help get Papa and the AoA kids where they need to go.

Since my dad’s last heart attack this past May, we try to make sure that either my mom or I are home with him most of the time.

What I…

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