Slow Processing Speed

Army of Angels: Part 2

Today I am going to share a little something new. Well, maybe not exactly new. Along our journey, as the AoA kids have grown and matured, we have met with new challenges. My parents and I knew that Little AoA had some learning and processing difficulties from a very young age. She was born four weeks early, and needed some help breathing when she was born.

As she has grown, this delay presented as verbal apraxia and large motor challenges. She could not keep up with kids her age. Along the way, we found that she had Hypothyroidism, which mainly presented as severe fatigue. We watched and waited, as her schooling progressed. She was able to learn to read, but math was a different story.

We tried and tried to help her with math, but for some reason, it just wouldn’t stick. Some thorough testing revealed that her overall cognitive…

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One thought on “Slow Processing Speed

  1. Still no photo….I fixed. Our new Contributor Cindy wrote a caregiver post yesterday and I pinned an old one to mine. I’ll keep pinning differ ones to mine until we have to reblog. 🙂 Little AOA looks so happy, they deserve so happiness. I know God will give them plenty in their life. M

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