2 thoughts on “Words For Healing

  1. Cindy
    You doing the digging, the sweat equity now for years to come. Set realist expectations not your expectations. Find someone on Twitter you admire who is a charity, organization or grass roots effort. Don’t follow individuals, it has away of creeping in and taking over your entire mind. It’s not effective you trying to learn and listening to people like yourself. It may not make sense, it happened to me in the beginning. I found myself suddenly in a conversation that is eating into my Advocacy hours.
    On Twitter @ survivorsblog2
    I have several people I look daily for my personal boost and other times I set a specific time to research who I follow. I follow less than a 50 and approx. 4,500 follow me. I had to look at my time spent on Twitter as working/learning time. Then I asses what I learned and how can I post to help or make people aware of.
    You might want to put your Twitter feed up if not used for personal communication.
    Rattle, Rattle, Rattle on.

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