How to make your jar candles last longer

No matter what I do my candles always end in a tunnel. you know the one, wax inches above where the wick is. I found this great article in the December’s Real Simple magazine. I’m anxious to see if my luck with the tunnel issue.

Abigail Cook Stone the founder of Otherland Candle Company says trim the wick to 1/8 inch every time you light the candle. It helps the wax burn slower at a more even pace and avoid soot build up around glass. “A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle an hour for every inch the candle is wide.” says Kristen Pumpfrey, Creative Director of PF Candle Company. So if the candle is two inches wide, two hours should do it. “Blow out candle gently ( to prevent wax splatter” or use a sniffer to extinguish.

You can find the information in Real Simple on…

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