Second Chances – Chapter 2

Thank you Marcus for sharing with us. Have a great day.

survivor road

not completely sold on the start of this chapter as it relates to the close of the previous one.  should I better specify the later day or is it clear enough by their activity?  not sure.  guess I’ll see if anyone has qualms about how it starts (or anything else, for that matter…)  AND I think it needs a better title, but then – I’m never happy with my own work…

2 ~ Gym Life ~

It only took ninety minutes before I was a jumbled mass of tired, aching muscles.  I finished with the stair climber and headed across the room to find Jared at the free weights bench.  He had stripped off his shirt, sweat glistened like dew on his chest and abs.  I admired his regulated breathing, the pulse of his arm muscles as he raised and lowered the bar.  The man had always taken good care…

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