Second Chances – Chapter 5

Thank you Marcus for sharing with us. M

survivor road

not much of a rewrite here – I must have been more coherent while cranking out the first draft.  takes us a little further into Paul’s makeup – hopefully makes him more ‘real’ to the reader…

5 ~ The Price of a Song ~

It took a few more weeks before Saturdays at the club became a natural part of my week.  I looked forward to the time with Jared, but it was the work out and swim time that truly began the trek toward ‘normality’ for me.  My best friend had a sense of humor that shone like a beacon through the fog of my life, lifting my spirits and guiding me to safe harbor through the shoals of isolation I had surrounded myself with.  So when the phone rang one Friday evening in late April, I figured he was simply he was checking in before our normal Saturday…

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