I had a Brother

we played with bubble wrap and watched the stars

we swam and skipped rocks in the creeks near our house

at nine years old we were separated

we saw each other at the holidays

no longer knowing each other

he saw me drown in drugs

he knew I was sent somewhere for a year

no telling what he was told

we didn’t see each other for years

our father’s suicide brought us together

only lasting a few years

i fell ill, almost dying, no visit, no call

auto-pilot buying Christmas gifts, having to ship

when he lives thirty minutes away

we spent time together when my grandparents died

he just wanted to money

we’ve seen each other twice in seven years

i told him the other day i had a tumor in my throat

no return message

I had a brother

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4 thoughts on “I had a Brother

  1. It is sad growing apart from siblings. I have one biological sister, and we call and text a lot. I had five adopted siblings- they all went other directions when they became adults. It has been over 25 years now…I will always think of them as they were 25 years ago.

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    1. It really hit home when I was so sick and he knew but never called, texted anything. I have mixed emotions about our future. Last week I texted him to let know I had a tumor in my throat and to please remember we had throat cancer in our family. Reply…ok


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