If not now… when ?

– Eckhart Tolle

This is one of many Eckhart quotes i love…and is very appropriate for my current situation.

I have metabolic syndrome, and my doctor said i need to loose, (at minimum) 20 kilograms.

A while back i tried eating only salads for six months and didn’t loose any weight at all. This was very frustrating, so I gave up once again.

This time i’m more motivated for some reason…so i’m committed to loosing the weight.

Currently I’m three days fasting, and then, three days of food.

Once i start loosing weight I can change to two days fasting and five days food.

The key is NOT to overeat during the ‘food’ days. This is the most important thing.

Today is day nine, and i’m already feeling better (not bloated).



3 thoughts on “Quote

  1. Thank you, so glad you shared. Everything you feel or are going thru is of importance. There are many probably at the same point and your words can help them. You have a story that is tragic but at the same time can help so many seeing how you’ve overcome and grown. I know you’ve grown, I’ve seen five years or seven years of growth. You are a different man from when I met you. You’re a survivor! More importantly, you continue to push yourself to move forward, that is all we can do. You do it very well my friend. Sending love. πŸ™‚


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