Pick Me Up Thursday!


Pick me up thursday sealGood morning y’all! I hope you have had a great week and you are looking forward to a fantastic weekend! I am thrilled that I do not work this weekend and hope to be able to sleep in and relax. For some reason, this week has been difficult for me. I think between stress, frustrations, and the non-stop changes in weather I just need some down time.almost Friday

In the past I used to tell myself to keep my expectations low, just to protect myself from unnecessary disappoints. I followed this belief for a really long time, but managed to start expecting way too much from people lately. Now I think to keep low-expectations of everyone is just the best way to live and to protect myself from hardships. This is why the quote I am sharing today has so much meaning to me, especially right now!martinlutherkingjr1-e1571877971222.jpg

Even though I am…

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