Processing New Mandates — Army of Angels: Part 2

Last week, our governor decided that local county mayors could mandate mask wearing in public if they thought that was best for their counties. Guess whose county DID NOT get a mask mandate? Mine…..Our county mayor decided that individual freedom was more important than wearing masks and saving lives for a short time during a […]

Processing New Mandates — Army of Angels: Part 2

5 thoughts on “Processing New Mandates — Army of Angels: Part 2

  1. I can’t read music but I can read…..WEAR A DAMN MASK!!!!! People are cray. I leave the house several times a week for a coffee run or for grocieries but I never leave the truck. We have so many Clorox wipes we use it takes a daily cleaning to keep from tripping on them. Stay safe.

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    1. Yes! I guess that “freedom” they talk about is only for people who aren’t compromised by this virus. If everyone would participate in following cdc guidelines, that “freedom” could extend further. I do not feel “free”….but I guess I am “free” to stay home…until teachers must return to work….then I am “free” to risk the lives of my family or be without an income (hopefully some common sense will be in the mix when they determine logistics for schools).

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        1. I have thought about that. I have one more year before I can early retire (less money than full retirement). I am watching the plans start to roll out, and I am thinking that I can work logistics to minimize risk. I already saw today that the meetings I do with teachers and parents will be on zoom🙂

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