Random thoughts Sunday!


As the weekend comes to an end…

Good evening y’all! How was your weekend? I hope you had a great and safe weekend! I will be honest, I did not do much over the weekend. I think y’all already know that I do my best to not leave the house because I am terrified of COVID-19 and unfortunately, the state I live in is not doing the best with new cases and deaths. I don’t even leave the house to go grocery shopping because hardly anyone wears a mask and NO ONE respects social distancing, which I find very irritating because I am HIGH RISK!

Considering I try not leaving the house, I have been ordering my groceries online and having them delivered. Last weekend, I did the same thing I always do with grocery shopping and had an awful experience. I try to never complain because the people…

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  1. Those substitutions can be crazy…once they gave me sliced cheese as a substitute for macaroni and cheese! I try to use the drive up pick up service as much as possible. We usually get a good laugh at the substitutions. So much of the news just breaks my heart these days. All I can do is love others in my little part of the world. I wish I had the outgoing personality of an activist, but alas, that was not my calling. I am more of a behind the scenes support person.


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