“Good Luck Ya’ll” — Army of Angels: Part 2

Teachers in my state waited anxiously for our governor to address the state today about the opening of schools. Yesterday, Dr. Birx visited our state because our transmission rate is so high, and many of our citizens either don’t understand, or disagree with Covid-19 being real and in need of mitigation. She urged so many […]

“Good Luck Ya’ll” — Army of Angels: Part 2

4 thoughts on ““Good Luck Ya’ll” — Army of Angels: Part 2

  1. Thank you for sharing. As a parent I feel both frustrated and concerned at this impossible position teachers are being put in. I really hope you experience adequate support very soon. 💕

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    1. I know there had to be a safer way to open schools than what is being done where I live. In our county, 50% of the school population is on free and reduced lunch. Those kids will be the “experiment subjects” along with their teachers. That is the part that hurts my heart💔 Many of the people tantruming because they don’t want anyone to tell them to wear a mask, are most likely keeping their kids at home anyway.

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