Male Survivor Discussion Forum & Chat Room Update

More than a half a million messagescheck. Greater than 70,000 theme-specific threadscheckNow surpassing 15,000 registered members  that is incredible! As we pass this milestone, we want to sincerely thank both registrants and guests. Now — in this time of the pandemic — the forum and chat room provide an even greater need for hope, healing and support. Today, more than ever, the MaleSurvivor organization serves as a unique “24/7” lifeline to survivors. Note that there are even many more participants who are guests, and never register. So — as a reminder — registration is anonymous and confidential. We NEVER share our database with ANYONE EVER. Registration is FREE and only requires a valid email address, which remains confidential. This enables you to reply to the verification email that our forum software sends out, after you register. 
Visit our new MaleSurvivor YouTube Channel
Watch recordings of our free Webinar of Recovery series, a continually growing resource…
— MaleSurvivor 25th Anniversary: an interview with Ken Followell, who started out as a participant in the forum, was then inspired to become a volunteer and eventually served as President of the Board of Directors of

— MaleSurvivor Webinar of Recovery: Empowering Survivors of Sexual Abuse to Hold Abusers Accountable, a discussion concerning legal and personal strategies for confronting one’s abuser.
— MaleSurvivor Webinar of Recovery: Howard Fradkin, Ph.D In this webinar, Fradkin — a highly respected therapist, expert about abuse, and co-founder of MaleSurvivior — engages in a panel discussion focused on protecting children, adults and families from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

One thought on “Male Survivor Discussion Forum & Chat Room Update

  1. I think it’s awesome that men are finally coming forward and speaking up about their own experiences. What was considered to be “against man-code” in the past is now getting more popular. That’s a great thing because men are human beings and they too have feelings. Thank you for posting.

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