What do I do with all these feelings?

Don't Lose Hope

Society sends some very mixed messages when it comes to feelings. You hear them discussed and mentioned a lot. But expressing them: well, that’s another story. Especially the intense and negative ones.

Yet, if something traumatic has happened to you then you’re going to experience some powerful emotions. And those feelings will be with you for a very long time. They will also show up at some inconvenient times.

For example, say you are having a pretty normal day. You’ve just dropped the kids off with their grandparents and are now stopping to pick up some coffee and bagels from the mall. Then, all of a sudden, you see or hear something that reminds you of the betrayal. (For example, you pass a shop selling lingerie or you hear a song that reminds you of your partner.)

Immediately, you are transformed from a relaxed, calm, and in control person into…

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3 thoughts on “What do I do with all these feelings?

  1. It takes time to first realize you have PTSD

    Then things are crazy in the beginning. It is hard to slow the intrusive thoughts and the reminders are everywhere when ptsd explodes.

    I never thought I would heal, then I healed and I thought it would be clear sailing.

    Trauma, especially betrayal trauma and life threatening trauma have powerful symptoms and storylines

    We need to experience our emotions in totality then let them go

    Our issue is we keep handling them, play with what if’s and fantasize about us taking strong actions during the event.

    This just makes ptsd grow

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    1. Thanks Marty. This is a really helpful comment. I appreciate you taking the time to add your thoughts. Yes, as you emphasize, healing is a slow and winding journey, and we need to experience all the powerful emotions to move the journey along. Have a great day!

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