Pros & Cons to working from home


Let’s Talk About Our New Norms

In the wake of the pandemic, many companies are not requiring their employees to work in the office but instead allowing them to work from home. The truth is many positions could have been working from home long before now. Companies could have saved themselves a lot of money by not paying rental payments or leases on buildings, the utilities required, or any other expenses. Technology in 2020 has come as far allowing for any and everything to be done online. Meetings and training can be done through Skype for business, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and countless other programs.

Working from home and setting up a home office comes with many benefits, but also several challenges. Do y’all have a home office since COVID-19 has spread massively and relentlessly around the world? If you have, what have been the benefits and challenges you have experienced?


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2 thoughts on “Pros & Cons to working from home

  1. We went all out with our home office areas. I have one in my bedroom, one in our small sunroom, a two desk/computer set up in our living room, and then we use a chrome book to make an office in bed😂 My 14 year old has a better office than everyone else! When I have worked from home, there are a lot of distractions. My mom, who lives with me, has dementia which is getting progressively more noticeable. She is what is referred to as a “wanderer” and a “rummager”. She can’t sit still, and keeps going through things and moving/misplacing things. That is the main reason I made a bedroom office- I can close the door, and it isn’t in a common area of the house. Teachers here have to go into the schools to work, even if the schools close- we will have to work alone in our rooms, doing remote teaching.

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    1. My goodness you do have a lot to deal with and your strength is very inspiring! I really hate that teachers have to go to the schools because I do not think it is safe yet. I guess I could be wrong, but COVID hasn’t go anywhere and I worry that kids will get it and bring it home to parents and grandparents. I really wish they would hold off with opening schools, but I also know the child in the white house doesn’t listen to experts! Take care of yourself and please do what you can to stay safe!

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