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  1. Fear of the elderly.
  2. Fear of aging.

In the United States, we define “old” in a number of ways.

  1. Age 40 is the age at and beyond which a person may not be discriminated against in employment. (Age Discrimination in Employment Act–ADEA)
  2. Age 55 is the age at which low-income people might qualify for subsidized employment and learn new work skills. (Title V of the Older Americans Act)

  3. Age 60 is the age of eligibility for Older Americans Act services. Due to limited funding, however, services tend to be targeted to those aged who are most needy. (Older Americans Act of 1965)

  4. Age 62 is the age at which persons can take “early retirement.” (The Social Security Act)

  5. Age 65 has been the “traditional” age for full retirement. However, because of longer life  expectancy, the full retirement age is increasing for…

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