Pick Me Up Thursday


Happy Friday Eve!

How has your week been? I don’t know if you have felt like your week has been excruciatingly long, but I sure have. I mean it was not an awful week, just learning so much with my job. I have also managed to get to know people I probably will never meet! Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for the training I am receiving and even more thankful for this work from home opportunity, I would not mind doing a little less Zoom. I do not enjoy being on camera at all! While I do not care to look up and see my face, it is a little amusing to see what other people look like!

As we are approaching the MUCH needed weekend and knowing it is a long weekend, we do have just one more day to get through. I think it is time…

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5 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Thursday

  1. Thursday’s are becoming a real struggle for me…kind of like another Monday! I now watch as my colleagues go down with covid, and pray they recover quickly. The cycle isn’t slowing down or ending, though our state did change the math in reporting, so now it looks like fewer active cases😳 Thank you for the pick me up!

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    1. Oh my goodness you have already had colleagues get COVID? It is so terrifying and I wish they would have done better with opening schools. Kids are going to get this virus and they will take it home to their parents. I hope you are staying safe sweetie! I agree with you about Thursday’s, they have become like a Monday on steroids. I hope you enjoy your long weekend and are able to relax and stay safe!

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      1. It didn’t take long! I would say 90% of the students don’t wear masks, there is no room in most places for social distancing, and no time to sanitize and wipe down high touch areas during the day. We only fantasize about safety….in our schools. Whole classrooms, grade levels, and busses are being sent home to quarantine for two weeks at a time. It is a logistical nightmare. Flexibility is very necessary this year!


  2. Hi, I have stopped letting Epilepsy & Cerebral Palsy reblog from our site. He is basically building a site using al of our posts. He has been doing this for a very long time and I don’t think that is apporpiate. If you don’t mind, go ahead and approve his reblogs. I’ve been marking them unapproved. Do what you feel is best for your blog and content. He doesn’t write anything himself.


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