Suicide, What’s Left Behind —

My father committed suicide in 1992 after a long struggle with mental illness, he was 52 years old. This post isn’t about how to prevent suicide, or that it’s preventable, this post is about what is left behind after a person commits suicide. September is Suicide Prevention Month and I’ve struggled with what to write. […]

Suicide, What’s Left Behind —

2 thoughts on “Suicide, What’s Left Behind —

  1. I’m so sorry this has been your legacy. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to live with this as part of your life story.
    Thanks for sharing the things you’ve learned as well. It will be helpful for so many people. I’m so relieved you got help for yourself. That is SO important!!!

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    1. Speaking about suicide in real terms I thinks makes a difference. It’s so easy to say it prevention month but what type of prevention. There are so many things that can possibly be doen on the front end. My father took meds as a teen but stopped as soon as he moved out. After that he never looked back. He didn’t see the problem. He was able to funtion for many years until he lsot his good paying job due to a lay off. After moeny trouble and age set in life changed. Gun laws can prevent some suicides but laws can’t stop those who are determined.

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