Pick Me Up Thursday!


Happy Friday Eve Y’all!

I have some very good news for y’all! It is almost the weekend! How has your week been so far though? I do hope your week has been wonderful and your are of course, staying safe! I know none of you will be surprised, but I do not really have any plans for the upcoming weekend and as boring as it might sound, it is the kind of weekend I look forward to. I do not have to get up early or work 8 extremely long hours. I plan to catch up on my favorite show, General Hospital and maybe even watch a movie I have been wanting to watch for months now, Bad Boys For Life!

As this week is coming to an end and we only have one more day to get through, I think we could all benefit from a pick me up!…

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2 thoughts on “Pick Me Up Thursday!

  1. Great quote! I like to think of the mind as a big filing cabinet. Sometimes the information we need is way in the back, and we need a minute to retrieve it.
    Our state is not doing well with Covid-19…once they changed the math for active cases, the numbers became very misleading. We are on fall break now, but when we return, it will be time for flu too! The schools are not safe, period…..

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    1. I am sorry for my delayed response! I couldn’t agree more with you. It is shocking how misleading they are being with the “real” numbers of COVID cases. It seems like the president wants to control what information the public is allowed to have. It scares me when I see the numbers they are releasing because I know they are not true. I am glad you are on fall break now and really hope people will think about the lives of others more before school begins again. Between the flu, COVID, and seasonal allergies it is awful. I have not been feeling great for a few days, but I tend to go through this when seasons change. Please continue doing what you can to keep yourself safe!!

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