The Monkey Dance of the Narcissist

Art by Rob Goldstein

“It’s not hard to spot the monkey dance. It happens any time you disagree with, confront, ignore or inadvertently shame or confuse a narcissist. Narcissists are hard-wired to monkey dance anytime they’re not sleeping, sucking up or looking for new victims. It’s who they are.

Emails are digital monkey dances. Use filters on your email to ensure that whenever they email you, their email goes directly to a folder where you don’t know about it, you don’t see it, and you’re not tempted to read it. 

Ignoring the Narcissist—How to Spot The Monkey Dance

This post is inspired by laurelwolfelives

It is a response to a comment that she left on my post, Dissociative Identity Disorder and Reality Testing and to another on her post, What Exactly Is A Narcissist?

Laurel wrote: “I understand what you are saying and you haven’t been the first. There are two ways to look at…

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