What About This Neverending Election?! — Army of Angels: Part 2

Tuesday night was a tense night, as people everywhere waited to see how the presidential election results would unfold. Some states, like mine, are ALWAYS the same. It turns into a red state.every.time.fast. Nothing new to see here. Then came the other states….red-blue-red-blue…….on and on through the night. Next, the stall out! Some states had […]

What About This Neverending Election?! — Army of Angels: Part 2

7 thoughts on “What About This Neverending Election?! — Army of Angels: Part 2

  1. Thankfully, Trump will NO longer be the person that destroys our country! I am going to enjoy watching the military drag him out of the White House kicking and screaming because I think it is going to come to that. We finally have a president that CARES about human lives and will do a much better job that Trump could ever dream of!!

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    1. I remember 2016…it was really a shock when he won the electoral votes without winning the popular votes in some of the states. I have really seen through all of this, where in my town and state I feel safe with my LGBTQ child.

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      1. I really am not a fan of the way Trump acts because it is offensive to so many. Maybe he was a good reality TV person, but our country isn’t a reality TV show. Losing this election couldn’t have happened to a better person.

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        1. I live in such a deep red state….I never really cared much one way or another about politics until recently. Herd mentality is fascinating and frustrating, and real. Each side thinks that the other is following blindly. A long time ago, an older person advised me to figure out what is important to me, and go with whichever candidate has a history of supporting that. The advice has served well.

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          1. I also live in a very deep red state and all my neighbors think Trump hung the moon and stars. We do not talk much if I can help it. I agree with the older person’s advise and like you, never cared about politics until recently. I am one that believes strongly in equality and justice, which I do not think the Republican party agrees with at all. I will not say I am a Democrat, but I will say I am ALL for the progressive way of thinking!

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