The Approval Addiction —Guest Blog —

A lot of us wish for our talents, our intelligence, or our strengths to be recognised, appreciated, and known by others. But we very soon start to rely on these approvals and try to ‘alter’ our lives to fit in within these expectations. Unfortunately, right from here starts a very vicious cycle. Ever since I […] […]

The Approval Addiction —Guest Blog —

2 thoughts on “The Approval Addiction —Guest Blog —

  1. This sounds almost the way I described my oldest. He had only 2 flaws, his addiction and the desire to be loved/companionship. His approval craving from others was just wanting to be liked. He also stayed in toxic relationships and friendships, allowed to be used and manipulated. It was heartbreaking to go through. As much as I tried to make him see his self worth and how much more meant to the right people in his life…he never wanted to stop believing that he could help and change the wrong ones. His heart was so big and naive when it came to that desire to be like or loved. Sadly, it played a role in his recent passing.
    I think there should be more awareness in this subject—Self Worth. Great post! 💛

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    1. Thank you, I love that blogger and was happy to share hers on my blog. It’s a big problem we face a different times in life and some get out of, other’s do see thru the toxic relationship since they are so focused onhelping others. It too me into my 20’s to finally get my head straight. I still want to help fix things but not look for approval.

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