~Pick Me Up Thursday~


~We Are So Close To The Weekend y’all~

Happy Friday eve y’all! I really prefer saying happy Friday eve because Thursday makes it sound like the weekend is far away! How has your week treated you? Of course, my week has been crazy busy and I have been working at least 9 hours each day. The good thing is, busy days go by a lot faster than slow days. I was told today by four different lenders tell me they have requested to work with mainly me. This was a nice confidence boost for me because it make shows that I am doing a good job!

Now that we have almost made it through four days of this week and still have one to go, I think we need a little pick me up! On the bright side, the hard part of the week is over and I think we…

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2 thoughts on “~Pick Me Up Thursday~

  1. I’ve about ended my week of being “grounded” to having to work from home! Covid-19 is so incredibly bad here! I mean…REALLY BAD! We are 150 active cases away from all the schools going 100% remote- the positivity rate is 28% (recommended less than 5% to have safe schools). I feel safer going shopping than going into our school buildings!

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    1. My goodness, I hate how many problems this virus is causing. If only someone had done something in the beginning, we might be in a better position now. Thank goodness, we finally will have a president that cares and the president that didn’t care enough is gone in January! I can imagine it is not safe in the schools because children do not want to wear a mask all day. Take care of yourself please!

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