Different Holidays for 2020


2020 has been a year that has been full of increased stress and uncertainty for our safety due to COVID-19. Many people have been deeply troubled by this issue and for good reason. Since the pandemic invaded the United States there have been warnings and advisement from experts, but then there has been a ridiculous amount of misinformation as well. The truth is, politicians and people in general lie, but this is not a political situation and numbers, nor science lies. We can all hear with our ears and see with our own eyes the monumental amounts of deaths each day. This profoundly serious matter should have never become this out of control but should have been addressed in a more logical, and efficient way from the start

We have already made it through one holiday, where family and friends congregate in the home. During the next two weeks, we…

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3 thoughts on “Different Holidays for 2020

  1. Happy Christmas Week! We do have a big holiday bummer here, as our family can’t get together as normal. None of us have seen my sister in well over a year. I know my parents really miss seeing her. I am really blessed to have them living with me and the kids, and not having to navigate this on their own! Little AoA and I went in one little store today where at least half the people weren’t wearing masks. We stayed out distance and hurried to get out! Our state (Tennessee) was just this week, the worst place IN THE WORLD for covid transmission! Still no mask mandate🙄

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    1. I know it is awful that it isn’t safe to get together with family this year, but I do think staying home gives us the best chance for a better Christmas next year. It is awful in SC as well. The city I live in has new cases anywhere from 500-750. It is so scary and yet many still are not doing what is necessary. We do not have a mask mandate here in SC either, but it is because it is run by Republican Trump supporters. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a great, and safe holiday!

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      1. Here, our county mayor has made a Facebook group, Andy’s Army” to fight against a mask mandate….ironically, he is the very person who would have to issue a mandate…..so…..who is the army fighting against?😂 My adult daughter has covid, so she got a porch drop off Christmas. My adult son will pick up from the porch and then FaceTime with us maybe, from the safety of his tiny house in our back yard. I am so thankful that my parents live with me! I can’t imagine them navigating all this, and I can’t imagine not seeing them for a year! My dad asked me the other day if we were all actually dead…..it’s hard on the older folks.


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