Chaos & Tragedy in the United States


We Need To Stop The Hate & Violence Now

Happy Sunday y’all! Before you start reading this, I just want to provide you wait a small DISCLAIMER/WARNING. I do the best I can to not write about politics, but this is about more than simple politics. I think y’all know by now I try to be open-minded, fair, kind, compassionate, and understanding, which is why this was so important for me to share. I know you might feel differently about tis, but I would really love to read and understand what your thoughts are.

The continued insanity that is going on within the United States is disgusting and shameful. The way people are following the idiotic ideas they are hearing from the president is not only awful but inhumane. Who would have thought our nation’s capital could be invaded so easily?  These people were domestic terrorists that were fueled…

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One thought on “Chaos & Tragedy in the United States

  1. I live in a deep red state…..I don’t fit in with my biracial granddaughter and LGBTQ kiddo. We keep to ourselves, only being free to be ourselves with “safe” people. It is like an Underground Railroad of sorts. I have been cornered and intimidated by Trump people, completely unprovoked, including one of my previous bosses. I have always held out hope that he would surprise me with his leadership…..never spoke a bad word about him, just shook my head and went on. He was our President….that ends in two long weeks. There is already cheering in the education world, and hoping that the next administration will support public education for all.
    I don’t think the chaos is over yet, but I hope I’m wrong😢


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