Killed Pleasure- EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

***TRIGGERS*** I wasn’t going to post this here, but I believe it maybe valuable to understand. I posted it in an online forum for survivors on 1-11-21. Last week I had maybe the most important therapy session ever. I began to talk in depth about a part of my experience I have often mentioned, but […]

Killed Pleasure- EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

3 thoughts on “Killed Pleasure- EMDR Journey Notes — Owning It

    1. No, this was the first time I saw the molesting as part of the larger trauma. Though I was asleep, I was passed out from shock, confusion and exhaustion. He didn’t wake me from a regenerative slumber. I never looked at the whole context.

      Do you feel as if EMDR killed a vital part of yourself along with changing your life?

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      1. The metaphor used for my journey was that of the Phoenix rising from ashes. Seeing how one small trauma had completely altered my life path, the change was welcomed. Even my 33 year old daughter comments on how different I am now. I don’t think I had ever felt happiness…..and acceptance of myself.

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