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Happy Wednesday! We have already made it halfway through this week, making us so much closer to the weekend! I don’t know about y’all, but I am looking forward to the weekend. Getting up early and working many hours a day has been exhausting, and I am looking forward to a couple of days with nothing that I have to do. Hopefully, a couple of short days of rest will help get me feeling a little better. I am not sure if it is the weather being pretty cold or lack of sleep, but my pain level has been pretty high. Yesterday, my legs and back were in so much pain, it actually hurt to walk, but I still pushed through because I refuse to give up and surrender to the pain!

We have all seen the awful things occurring in the United States, and…

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One thought on “Inspirational Wednesday

  1. I am so ready for the three day weekend! We had students in person two days this last week. The numbers were really too high, but there were things that needed to be done in person since the semester changed. Plus, some students had not been seen for a month, and our school system wanted them all to be seen. The main school where I work, has about 150 kids who are “lost” not coming to school or doing remote school….that is not good. I wish our school system would practice more safety, but it won’t. So many of our teachers are losing family to covid- it is so sad.

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