Adoption Application — Army of Angels: Part 2

Guess who is ready to adopt a rescue Basset Hound? After years of being pet free, we are ready to welcome a four legged, floppy eared, furry friend into our family! Our state Basset rescue does not have any Bassets right now, but I went ahead and submitted our application and did the “virtual home […]

Adoption Application — Army of Angels: Part 2

4 thoughts on “Adoption Application — Army of Angels: Part 2

    1. We are still working on a name🙂 It will be an older dog, so it may come with a name, or have to go through a name change adjustment😉 My 12 year old thinks “Dolly” or “Loretta” (country music fan). She’s working on male names. We went through a rescue, so we have to wait until one becomes available. In the meantime, we are preparing. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cuddle dog!

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      1. I am sure once you see the puppy’s face, you will come up with a name. I like the name Dolly for a girl, that is cute, especially since she is a country music fan. Are you a country music fan as well? Maybe a boy could be Kenny or Toby:)! I LOVE animals because they love unconditionally and without fail! I wish you luck with this and I know you will find the perfect dog and a perfect name!

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        1. I look at the rescue’s site at least every other day, watching for the right dog🙂 I do like country music as well. I have to laugh when my 12 year old finds songs that I grew up with, and learns all the words!


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