Can A Dog Improve Your Teen’s Mental Health? —

Many teenagers ask their parents for a dog, and it can be tough to decide as a family whether the time is right to add a canine companion. A dog can be a great way to teach your teenager to be more responsible, but a pet can also help with mental health. By getting a […]

Can A Dog Improve Your Teen’s Mental Health? —

2 thoughts on “Can A Dog Improve Your Teen’s Mental Health? —

  1. Great post! Growing up we always had pets. I come from an animal lovers family lol. For the last 17 years (since my husband and I moved into this house) we also always had a dog or 2….plus others pets. After my 14 year old Ozzy passed (4 lb chihuahua), we became foster fur-parents. Since I watched my grandkids, there was no way I could handle a puppy or any other fur baby. Getting any pet at a young age is a lot of work…just like raising kids lol! Being a foster family is a great way to take a dog in temporarily knowing they’ll go onto a good home that allows us to help choose. The best part is that we can adopt the dog ourselves. It’s a great way to see if the dog is compatible with our lifestyle and schedule. Also with kids and other pets. I highly recommend fostering first. We got so lucky with our first foster who we ended up adopting. He was an emergency because he was left at a kennel that euthanizes pit bulls if they’re not adopted within 48 hours. Such a shame because he’s so perfect and lovable.

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    1. Pit Bulls get a bad break. It’s bad owners no the dogs that are the problem. I would be lost without my pets. I’ve had pets my whole life too and it would be completely dull without one. They are your best friend and they rarely talk back.


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