Pink suns Guest Post

Bill Pearse

The August meteors were back, and with it memories of being in the Austrian alps by the farmhouse where we stayed, on my back on some dirt road watching for streaks of light across the night sky, making wishes.

Bit by bit we wound the summer down. The last bag of charcoal, the daisies cut and composted, the garden stakes in the corner ready to be stowed. I bought a generator and called in an exterminator to manage the ant infestation. I learned you need to bait the foragers so they take the poison back to the colony. The fact they live in walls and you need to take out the queens.

And so life plodded on like that. In the neighborhood men replaced rooftops, joggers passed by, young parents with their kids. And we all returned from the delta to the alpha in how to deal with the virus…

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