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I once served on a board in Thousand Oaks California with the remit of reviewing all projects in the city to ensure that the needs of the disabled were properly considered. At the time, I was pleased that I could be a part of every major project. Now, I am more impressed that the city cared enough to empower such a board. I long for the day that every municipality has such foresight.

The 5th Sparrow

I am struggling with nerves a lot today. I had my monthly meeting for the committee I am on for bike riders and pedestrians (I am there as an advocate for the disabled) and we were all informed of a major project that had been worked on for a while now and already funded and ready to go yet it got scrapped. Why? Our city council voted it down. Now we are facing another possible scrapping of an important project, this one a little closer to home for me. The changes we are wanting to make would significantly improve safety and remove barriers for a lot of people, the disabled included, on a street that connects with what has been a very dangerous intersection. The same intersection I was blessed to get to be a part of a safety audit for and will be representing at an upcoming workshop later…

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