Mi Historia con la AMN

In English, well sort of. I tried

Walking the Rails

Please excuse my translation. Giancarlo wanted it posted in English, also. I have tried– Brad

It all started 5 years ago. I was 26 years old, I worked for a clinic and played sports, especially swimming. I lived a normal life like any child and young person. I was very outgoing and had many dreams to fulfill. I then began to have symptoms in my legs. They got fatigued when I walked a lot. I began to walk badly and sometimes I would fall. That frustrated me a little bit. Next, I began to feel urinary urgency and constipation- things that had never happened to me before. These things alerted me. I have a first cousin with stable cerebral ALD. Soon, I began to relate what was happening to me with ALD-X.

My mother was positive for ALD-X and I since I was the only male child, the probability…

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