Wanted: Conquest

Here is Part 3. Thank you for reading. Brad

Walking the Rails

Maybe it was because I was no good at regular stuff, but I always have had this real need to conquer something, anything big would do. Most likely something long, canoeing the length of the Mississippi? I became obsessed by the Appalachian Trail (AT): a single track, skipping along the mountaintops from Georgia to Maine, 2,170 miles of straight up paradise. And it came within miles of where I lived! Had to do be done. I had played around with part of it, a couple hours here and there, a few miles, maybe. I knew that it had to get bigger.

Though I am practical: I would not go crazy and do the whole whack at once (although if I had any idea of what was coming, I surely should have), rather I’d break it down into easy to chew chunks of 3-7 days, each. The first year, olde Wayne…

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