Strength? Or Weakness?

Walking the Rails

I have been described as mainly stubborn. I seem to have trouble giving up. Even when impractical. If I can get it done, I do. If I think I can, I try. And I think that is a strength, a good thing.

According to dear olde dad, it has always been that way.

AMN has not expanded my repertoire, at least not on the physical side of things. I am not the man I was at 21. Or, 41 for that matter.

I was chatting with Geoffrey on the telephone last night. For whatever reason, I mentioned that I had a few weeds to pull. This seemed ridiculous to him. “You hire someone to do that sort of stuff.” As it often is during a pandemic, all of the interactions between Geoff and I have been virtual. He does not know of my disability.

While Francisco’s boys would be happy…

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